Welcome to the services page of Top Notch Energy. Here you'll find the large array of superior services we proudly provide.

What sets Top Notch Energy apart from competitors is our dedication to the success of your operations. Our services are provided with 24/7 support that you can always count on. Our dedication to excellent and efficient services ensures that your operations will run smoother, more efficiently, and with greater yield. Choose Top Notch Energy Services -- "A Notch Above the Rest!"

If you have any specific inquires to the specific services Top Notch provides please visit the contact page.

Running/Retrieving Services

  • Isolation assemblies
  • Velocity strings
  • Completion accessories
  • Flow control services

Thru-Tubing Fishing Services

  • Nipple/plugs
  • Wireline tool strings
  • Parted tubing retrieval

Impact Services

  • Shifting sleeves
  • Breaking flapper valves
  • Jarring while fishing

Downhole Motor/Rotating Services

  • Cutting
  • Milling
  • Reaming/underreaming
  • Latching tools

Other Specialized Tools/Services

  • Chemical cutting
  • Window milling
  • Venturi junk baskets
  • Washover tools