Welcome to the products page of Top Notch Energy Services. Here you will find information on all products our company provides as well as specific information on our line of motors.

It is Top Notch Energy's promise to provide the best and well-supported products that are available. Our expertise and state of the art equipment ensures that our products are reliable and professionally utilized towards the goal of theprogress and success in your operations.

No other company provides better support for their top tier products than Top Notch Energy Services, Inc. -- "A Notch Above the Rest!"

Plug and Support Tools

  • Composite Plugs
  • Cement Retainers
  • Perforating Tools
  • Setting Tools

Rotating Services

  • HP Dragon Hawk Motor
  • Spiro-Hawk Motor
  • Dura-Torque Dragon Hawk Motor coming June 2009
  • Carbide Mills
  • Bits - TSP, Roller Cone and Diamond
  • Shoes
  • 2-Bladed Underreamer
  • Jet Hammers
  • Turbine Motors

Coiled Tubing Conveyed Support Tools

  • Coiled Tubing Connector
  • Dual Back Pressure Valve
  • Hydraulic Disconnect
  • Motor Head Assembly
  • Circulating Sub
  • Boot Basket
  • Locking Swivel
  • Nipple Locator
  • Mechanical Bow Spring Centralizer
  • Torque-Thru Sealed Knuckle Joint
  • Safety Union
  • Venturi Jet Junk Basket
  • Motorhead Assemblies
  • High-powered Magnets
  • Nipple Locators
  • Bow Spring Centralizers

Impact Services

  • Jars & Intensifiers
  • Weight Bar

Running & Retrieval Services

  • Continuous Overshot
  • Snipper Overshot
  • Pack-Off Sub
  • Releasing Spear
  • JDC Releasing Overshot
  • Pump-Thru Rope Spear & Grab
  • Deployment Bar
  • Rotating Overshots
  • Dual Bait Receptacle
  • Hydraulic Spears
  • Hydraulic Fishing Tools

Wash Tool Accessories

  • Roll-On Connectors
  • Back Pressure Valves
  • Sealed Knuckle Joints
  • Wash Nozzles
  • Pump-Off Wash Nozzles
  • Rotating Wash Nozzles