About Us

Top Notch Energy Services, Inc. is pleased to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Top Notch Energy's First Invoice

Our management team consists of the partnership of Terry Bennetsen and Robby Winstead. Over the past 30 years, Terry and Robby have built a reputation serving in the oil field industry through competent thru-tubing milling and fishing tool companies.

As President, Terry Bennetsen brings over thirty years of extensive experience to the company. Robby Winstead Vice-President, working closely with Terry Bennetsen, manage highly experienced professionals and drilling and support equipment at our Corpus Christi facility.

This year we celebrate 15 years in business as Top Notch Energy Services, Inc., one of the strongest independent thru-tubing milling and fishing tool companies in the oil industry.

Please speak to one of our talented personnel to learn more about how Top Notch Energy, Inc. can better serve your company.